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Chapter 4 - Jump!

Hi everyone! Today I have the very last chapter of the Gnome Factory. Sad, right? Anyways, please admire the lovely new banner I made before proceeding on with the chapter. Oh, I always switched to using new default skins, so the sims might look a bit different.



Remember to comment on the boolprop thread, and I will get around to replying to the old comments very soon. (As in, now)

Chapter 3 - Bad Romance

Hi guys! I know, it's been forever since I've updated this. I had schoolwork, exams, and two other stories that I was supposed to be writing, and I kind of forgot about the asylum. It's summer now, though, so that should mean quicker updates! :D Well, hopefully. My parents have been making plans to keep me away from the computer this summer. >.<

Also my sister just smacked me for not giving her the computer now, so you guys better enjoy the damn update. >:(

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Chapter 2 - Single Ladies

Hey guys! It's been a bit since I last updated, but I was distracted, mostly with stuff for my alphabetacy, and school work. Anyways, onto the chapter! There's two songs this time, because Chip and I decided every chapter should have an opening (or even a closing) song. I've added a link to the song before each number, so you guys can listen along. It's better that way. Hope you guys enjoy!

(Also I'd like to add that Jules did survive her second encounter with death, I just forgot to take a picture of it. :P)


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Chapter 1 - Push It

Hey everyone! I have a fast update for you guys because I've been playing the asylum non-stop since lunch. (Well, lunch for my family, I was too busy simming to eat. xD) I said I was thinking about downloading ACR in my last post, but decided against it in the end because I was sure I would just blow something up. (And for those of you who know me, it was probably a smart decision)

The chapters will probably contain a lot of swearing, and possibly crude jokes. And bad attempts at witty comments. Very bad attempts. AND YAY I'M GOING TO TALK TO MY SIMS! BUT ONLY ANDY, THE SIMSELVES AND LENNON WON'T BE ABLE TO HEAR ME. </caps lock> This challenge is mostly for fun and I'm not counting points. Hell, I've already broken a rule or two and it's only the first chapter. Anyways before I start the Chapter I'll offer the lame excuse of "don't like it don't read it" and hope for the best. :D


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A change of plans

Hey everyone! Chip and I were talking on yahoo this morning, and we decided I would now be writing/playing the asylum, as it's too much work for Chip at the moment. Nothing much will change, I've got the asylum building in my game already, Chip plans to upload the neon-ified simselves for me and I'm going to try downloading ACR for the lulz, but now we're going to need a new doctor. Chip and I also discussed this, and the decision was unanimous. Our new doctor is....


Anyways, that's it for now! I'm not sure when the first chapter will be out (because I still have to write Chapter sixteen of AAA), but it will hopefully be out soon.



As you can see, I got my computer fixed! More on that later though, now it's time for prologue-y goodness!

Because I suck and introducing stories, and you already know what and who the simselves and such, I'm just gonna skip straight to the story!
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Meet the Simselves!

So.as you most probably know, me and Heather/imxplosion are planning to do an asylum! Yippee, correct! :D So today I got all the patients sorted, plopping them in the Gnome Factory, setting everything up and the like. So it's time to see who will be fghting to survive as my doctor attempts to get her LTW!

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So anyway, Prologue should be out soon! Any questions, then just comment! :D

Introduction Post

Hey guys! as you all (should) know by now, me, Chip, and some of my other LJ friends have yahoo spam accounts, which we use to chat to each other instead of spamming up LJ comment pages with inside jokes. Now, crazy shit goes down on these spam accounts, and we come up with a lot of crazy ideas.

What kind of crazy ideas? Things like asylums and neon and simselves. Which is exactly what happened two nights ago when Chip and I were talking an yahoo. I had wondered why no one had made an asylum for our simselves, as we clearly belong in one. Thus, the idea of creating an asylum with our simselves was born. Only this isn't your ordinary asylum, oh no, it's an an abandoned gnome factory that was turned into an asylum. and the patients? Not your average simselves. They've been...neon-ified, and each have been assigned a colour. We'll reveal more about the patients later though.

The lovely asylum was built by yours truly, while Chip has agreed to writing and shooting the chapters, because he is better at the lulzy commentary. So keep your eyes out for the first installment and join the community! I'm not sure when it'll be updated, but keep in mind me and Chip both have stories of our own to write.

That's it for now!